My Dam Is Your Dam (MDIYD)
Beavers helping each other in times of need
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WARNING: This tool is not controlled or managed by MIT or the MIT Alumni Association. Because neither MIT nor the MIT Alumni Association vet or make any representations about the suitability of any resources offered through this tool, students are urged to exercise appropriate diligence in deciding whether to match themselves with anyone offering these resources.

This site is meant to match students needing emergency assistance with willing MIT community members. MIT certificates are used for unique identification, privacy, and security. This site is not for offering housing. Please do not use this site for housing offers.

Each student can register as needing resources, and uniquely claim them, and/or offer them. Other MIT community members can offer unlimited resources. If a student changes plans and no longer needs resources, they simply have to remove themselves from the request list and their claims will be automatically relinquished and made available to others.

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